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    ...start off on the right foot.

    ...grow your practice sustainably.

    ...work through a challenge.

    ...transition your practice gracefully.

  • Tiny Trainings [Coming Soon]

    Cost: starting from $50

    These courses are quick, digestible, and actionable trainings on how to authentically start, run, and grow a practice that's right for you. We take big, scary, broad ideas and break them down into actionable steps and tangible outputs to help you get started today.

    Authentic Practice Accelerator Group Program

    Cost: TBD

    This program is for those of you who are just starting out and are seeking the structure, accountability, and community necessary to help you get your private practice off the ground. Includes 4 weeks of group training calls, guided practice building activities, and milestone accountability. Next accelerator will start in 2022.

    Hourly Phone Advisory

    Cost: $250/hour

    This offer is for those who are either in one of the tiny courses and would like additional help or are not in a course and would like limited advice to inform a decision or challenge they are facing in their practice.

    Email Advisory

    Cost: starting from $50

    This offer is for those who would like additional assistance through email either in addition to a program or outside of one.


    Sydney Malawer, L.Ac.

    I'm Sydney, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a private practice in Berkeley, CA. Prior to acupuncture I worked for 10 years with social startups helping entrepreneurs make their paradigm-shifting ideas a reality and as a career transition coach helping people make meaningful decisions about their careers and their lives. I'm here offering consulting and advisory to health and wellness practitioners because - honestly - many of you have asked me to! As I've been building and evolving my private practice other practitioners have asked me for help making decisions authentic to the life they are looking to build and get clarity on their next steps - whether it's taking a job, starting a practice, expanding their offerings, or pivoting all together.


    In working with you my goal is to help you uncover what's right and authentic for you, not comparing you to your peers. While I'm a straight-shooting New Yorker with a sensitive and tender heart who makes decisions from my gut more than my head, I do not expect nor want you to emulate that. This world needs more practitioners who are thriving and fulfilled, and the only way to achieve that is for everyone to be designing and building their lives on their terms, not on anyone else's.


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    Are you curious about upcoming Tiny Trainings on how to authentically starting, running, and growing your practice? Or are you curious about an upcoming Authentic Practice Accelerator to help you get your practice off the ground? Submit your email below and I'll be sure to let you know when they're available. Don't worry - I won't spam you. It's not my thing ;)

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